Mad Tea Party

Don't have any plans for Thanksgiving weekend and want to have a Party with a Cause? Let's celebrate "Podari Zhizn" 10th anniversary on November 26! Let's have birthday parties all across the world!
On November 26 gather your friends, colleagues or neighbors to have a cup of tea and make a donation to support one of our programs. You can create your own Mad Tea Party anywhere. Choose your own treats - from cupcakes, bagels and profiteroles to pasties and pirozhkis. And it doesn’t even have to be a cup of tea – coffee or kefir will work just as well as anything else!l! Hats are optional.

The only requirement for you on November 26 is to have fun while you and your friends are helping others.

The Mad Tea Party is an international social event hold on November 26. On that day everyone is invited to share a cup of tea and donate to one of the sister charities: "Podari Zhizn", "Gift of Life" or "Podari.Life". All funds raised through #MadTeaParty go to support children and young adults from Russia who are suffering from cancer.
The first Mad Tea Party took place in 2014 to mark a birthday of Podari Zhizn, a sister charity of Gift of Life UK and Podari.Life. The response exceeded our wildest expectations. On the November 26 2014, around 300 tea parties were held in countless corners of the world, including Russia, the UK and other European countries, the USA, Thailand, the Dominican Republic and Canada. Altogether, participants donated almost 4 million roubles (over 61 thousand US Dollars). Over 2,000 images with a hashtag #madteaparty or #безумноечаепитие were posted on various social networks. In 2015 participants all across the globe donated also more than 60 thousand USD. 

Want to join us? If yes, use this tool or write to us ( to learn more about annual #madteapaarty.


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